An ode to the early adopters of Twitter

  1. You described Twitter as microblogging.
  2. You were constantly defending Twitter as something “more than just updates about what you ate for lunch”.
  3. You can remember when Kevin Rose had more followers than Barack Obama and some of the biggest names on Twitter were@garyvee and @chrisbrogan.
  4. You followed back everyone that followed you.
  5. You tweeted any article that even mentioned Twitter like a cheerleader whose team just got a shout out.
  6. Fail Whale was a regular part of your vocabulary.
  7. Anyone who had more than 100 followers was a Twitter celebrity.
  8. You could still find the DM button.
  9. You changed your profile photo almost weekly to keep up with a community theme (ie. baby photos).
  10. The only advertising or promoted tweets were something called a ‘definition’.
  11. You got a kick every time you got a new follower and welcomed them with a public tweet.
  12. You are a member of first name club (ie. @jack@biz@ev).
  13. Anyone seeing Tweetdeck on your laptop would say “Wow, what’s that?!”
  14. You could see every mention and conversation, including ones from people you didn’t even follow.
  15. You tweeted from
  16. #followfriday was still a great way to discover interesting people.
  17. You looked up or debated Twitter terminology (ie. twitterers, twittersphere).
  18. Meeting people you followed on Twitter in real life was rare.
  19. You used hashtags for a purpose, #notjustforanyreason.
  20. The first time you wore a @nametag was at Twestival.

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