There is nothing I love more than a fabulous invitation to a great event, especially one that involves flying.  So when Levi’s reached out to me a short time ago and extended an invitation to attend TED Women in DC this week, I was honoured.  I have been following their latest campaign Shape What’s to Come, which is rooted with a website that connects young women to mentors and peers on a platform where they can network, express ideas and collaborate with other likeminded women.  More importantly, they genuinely want to see positive action through the support of this community.  I personally really love the concept and am curious to see what the long term impact will be for the women in arts and media, music, fashion and social change that participate.

They are also debuting a special Shape What’s to Come documentary by renowned director Chiara Clemente at TED Women.  Levi’s asked 50 inspiring young women across the globe to inscribe hand-crafted journals with how they’re shaping the future, and who’s inspired them to become who they are today.  The film takes a closer look at eight of these unique stories from the US, UK and Japan.

TED Women kicks off in a couple of hours and the calibre of speakers is incredible.  I look forward to having some great conversations, interviewing a few fabulous people and learning more about a campaign which I believe can be a powerful vehicle for change. I will blog and tweet a bit this week and share some of my favourite moments.